"In fact, woman has a genius all her own,
which is vitally essential to both society and the Church." --John Paul II

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

who me? a feminine genius?

Good Afternoon Blogging World,
Hello from the snow capped mountains of Northern Virginia. Oh that's just my car buried in the recent and ongoing blizzard.

Anyway, if your new to this lovely site, welcome. If your wondering who we are, well some days we wonder as well. This site was started over coffee one morning. Good friends, wonderful encouraging conversation, lots of formation in who God made us to be as woman and wahllah...a blog is born.

So I am surrounded by intellectual giants here, woman who study God's word and the church doctors, devouring their genius like I do Doritios. How can I possibly keep up with them? I don't. I can't. God said it was OK to just be me with my obsessions for modest fashion, good inspirational fiction, being a wife and mother, baking - lots of baking and living the life of a domestic goddess. These are the things I will write about here. I am that woman who strives to learn and become a better version of herself each and every day...while eating Doritos of course.

My name is Mary. I am a Roman Catholic wife, mother, sister and friend. I strive to be less like Martha and more like Mary. One day I know I will succeed...by God's grace alone.

Feminine Genius? A work in progress...how about you?


  1. There is feminine genius in every woman! When she cultivates the relationship she is meant to have with God and embraces her femininity, she has tapped into her feminine genius. So, if God wants you to improve yourself each and everyday through his grace, and provides this with the added luxury of fiction, writing and Doritos -- you go girl! You genius, you!!! A good encyclical wouldn't hurt every now and again, either.

  2. I am just hoping that if I do a good job on the "feminine" the "genius" will develop as well! Cool Ranch or Regular?

  3. Am still tryin to figure how i landed oh so wonderful a blog....but in the meantime am sending out a bigggggggggg hiiiiiiiiiii to the gang....


  4. Kathy -- Mary's going to write an encyclical? AWESOME!

    Allison -- you've got the feminine and the genius part down pat, I think :)

    VSS - welcome!

  5. I will NOT be writing an encyclical, just reading along with Leila at Like Mother, Like daughter. My Dorito laden brain is straining at the thought but Kathy's right. We are all called to improve our relationship with God...and so I shall.

    Allison - that would be the classic Nacho Cheese Doritos thank you. I am a purest when it comes to crunchy chips.

    VSS - welcome to the insanity!

  6. reading an encyclical...reading...must I spell everything out!? I thought you all were geniuses! LOL You gals crack me up!

  7. I also feel surrounded by intellectual giants as the one in question here (Kath) leads our Bible Study. But she generously shares her genius (nature or super intellect ~ which ever definition you are using at the time :-) and does so with utmost humility and kindness. Mary, I also am a Nacho Cheese fan with only parts of encyclicals under my belt. I vow to do better but I love inspirational fiction . . . . any titles to suggest?


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