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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Does "Christian" YA lit still send the wrong message?

Over at First Things, David Mills discusses an article about the success of Christian YA lit written for girls, and how it seems that these books have gone from being unbearably preachy to... perhaps a little too subtle?

From [article author Ruth] Graham’s description, these new girls’ books don’t in fact seem particularly Christian, unless Christianity is reduced to a certain code of behavior.
In the newest books, old-fashioned values are embraced for newfangled reasons. Modesty is endorsed, not because of shame, but because of self-respect and practicality: Protagonist DJ in Spring Breakdown opts for a one-piece swimsuit over a teensy bikini because, “I like to swim. And I like to move around.” Besides, another character reflects later, “Sometimes subtle is sexy.”
That is true, but it is not modesty.It’s the opposite. Practicality is not modesty either. None of these reasons, nor those mentioned elsewhere in the story, are actually “Christian values,” even though they support decisions Christians would generally approve. They’re aren’t really “old-fashioned values” either, as that term is usually understood....  If Graham is right, these writers have merely taken the lessons they want to teach and found practical or worldly reasons for them.

Thoughts?  I wonder if, in the end, it would be better for kids to read a good secular book than to read a book with the subtle message "Christian living is practical!"  

(Off topic, I think it's kind of funny that many of the intended young readers of these books are probably being taught to reject the "works righteousness"of the Catholic Church.

Please do not start trying in the comments box to convince me to reject "works righteousness"; that topic has been flogged to death plenty of other places.  Besides, I need to unload the dishwasher.)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Catholic Distance University

Well, what do you know?...I had no idea that this video was up on Youtube...Fun surprise! I'm not so happy with the goofy look on my face, but I'll not let pride get the better of me. All in the service of God -- even if I have to look goofy!!!

This was produced a couple of years ago and was presented at the annual gala.

God bless, Catholic Distance University!

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