"In fact, woman has a genius all her own,
which is vitally essential to both society and the Church." --John Paul II

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Poor Mrs. Weiner, Or Maybe Not

Mrs. Weiner has a humiliating burden to bear right now. Mr. Weiner's been a very bad boy. But has Mrs. Weiner been a very bad girl?

Weinergate gets weirder by the moment.

Now the scandalous chatter is about an alleged hidden lewd relationship between Mrs. Weiner and Hillary Clinton.

It's all in the company you keep, isn't it? Maybe you shouldn't have had the ex-Pres. officiate at the wedding -- bad juju.

Really, can we all just grow up? You folks condone these behaviors when other people do them, why the big secrets when you decide to participate? Choose a higher moral standard, for goodness sakes, and none of this would be looming over either of you or your spouses right now.

Feminine Genius FAIL!


  1. Although that article with the tidbit about Mrs W is a four-year-old op-ed in a British paper, about "dirty tricks" in South Carolina, and is running a little short in the WWWW+H department....

    I'm idly curious about the Big Dawg's being the officiant at the Weiner wedding. Wasn't his law license revoked? Bad juju, indeed!

  2. Yes, but it's resurfacing with a vengeance, and the whole interconnectedness of the players does make one wonder if there isn't some level of validity to the claim. After all, they are not the most upright people based on past behaviors and reports. I just think it's pretty sad and both women signed on to this stuff knowingly.


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